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Couponing is fun but it is tough work:
While stumbling upon unbelievable offers and promotions that will make you feel that your time spent was well worth it, cutting coupons and collecting them and consolidating them and remembering to use them at the right places at the right time can get pretty tiring. And so like all things that can be made easy with the advent of the internet and the smart phones, add this in also to the list.
Couponing can help save a lot of money but it can take a toll on your energy and especially if you are committed to a job or a homemaker with children. This is where the smart phone can come in handy. If you do not have the time to search, cut, collect and organize the coupons then that is what will work for you 7 coupons.
The drudgery and the hard work can be bypassed if you have a smart phone:
There’s an app for everything under the sun (well, mostly) and so there is for couponing too. All you need internet connection and a smart phone to get you started on this wonderful journey.
Type “coupon” in the app store, VOILA!
Go to the app store of your smart phone and type coupon in the search panel. You will be surprised to see at least a hundred matches for it. Now you need to pick the one that is best for your needs.
Here is our list of the top best couponing apps:


This is the perfect app if you are someone who is hard pressed for time at all times, even while shopping. It is free of cost and works great on iOS and Android both. The graphic user interface is awesomely simple and navigation is a cake walk.
You may think that this app is like a binder for all your coupons and has easy access features like showing you the correct coupon denomination when you type the name of the product. It has print feature too. It is one of the best apps in this segment today and has even opted by a lot of people to simplify their shopping while they save.
2.         YOWZA:
Even inspite of having an unintelligible name, this app is a smart one when it comes to its functionality. The app is different in that the coupons are not uploaded by the customers and the collectors but the coupons on this app are uploaded by the retailers themselves. The app is location driven and is an absolutely must have on your phone.
The app is free and works on both the platforms. The coupon is result oriented which makes it a great app to have on the phone.
3.         CARDSTAR:
Have you ever lost out on loyalty points when you could not find your card at the counter? Then this app is definitely for you. The app allows you to store the details of the card as well as the phone number you used while registering the card. The cashier can scan your card and the point will be automatically credited into your account.
4.         COUPON SHERPA
There are some apps which are store specific which means that the coupons can be exchanged only at those stores. And these coupons can be done only on specific products of the store. Coupon Sherpa is a different app altogether. It allows for the flexibility between the grocers and the retailers and therefore the customer can choose to buy his product at any of the stores and still be able to redeem the offers availability of the products.
This super app also allows you to store your coupons in a virtual wallet for free. Amazing, isn’t it?
5.         SHOPKICK
This is a revolutionary new app where you do not need to make any purchases whatsoever in order to earn points from the retailers. Every time you walk into the store, you get a fixed number of points irrespective of your purchases. The only downside of this free app is that the app works on the internet and it needs the screen to be on all the time thus draining all the battery from the phone.
The other apps that are worth checking out are GROCERY iQ and CHECKOUT51 AND YIPPIT.
The last word:
Couponing can save a lot of money. And if you think that couponing is tough then these apps will help you do it without exerting too much. Anyways, why will anyone pay anything more when you can save!